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Our Story

We are Sherri & Clark Crookshanks, Founders of Hannah Grace.  Hannah Grace embodies the enthusiasm for life and family, the pleasure of beauty and technique, the challenge of creating an enterprise, the journey made of community but also of forming real bonds and relationships, and the awareness of superior quality that could be ethical and multi-regional at the same time.

We started our company 13 years ago with a simple goal: Exceptional quality skincare that truly makes a difference, from the most ethical suppliers that share our values. 

 As a modern skincare company, we stand for more than products.  We stand for courage to take a chance and to always have the best interest of our customers in mind. 

Back in 2006, we left all our certainties and job security we built up to that moment and devoted all our energy to building an ethical company of our own, spurred from Sherri's never-ending positive attitude to challenges and partly my spirit of enterprise since I was a child.  After years of research and collaborations with experts in skincare and precious fibers, we had gained their unanimous opinion on all of our products: superior.

 We invite you to join us on this journey and welcome your questions, comments, or just to reach out, we are always here.


Clark & Sherri Crookshanks
Hannah Grace
(310)740-0577 - Call or Text 
email: hello@hgskin.com

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